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:weed: A FEW COMMON MYTHS :weed:
++ Marijuana is #times more harmful than tobacco. Causes Lung cancer, has more tar, etc.
-- FALSE. Marijuana actually opens your lungs' airways, tobacco closes them; Marijuana is used to treat people suffering asthma. Marijuana has NO TAR because it has no additives like tobacco. SMOKING anything in general isn't great. But it's not what the material is - it's simply the smoke! To avoid smoke altogether, try eating MJ for an even MORE healthy alternative :)

++ Acid(LSD) fucks with your spinal fluid.
-- FALSE. Who the FUCK told you that?

++ Magic Mushroom effects are due to poison.
-- FALSE. Shrooms effects come from the naturally occuring compound called Psilocybin. Psilocybin is not harmful nor poisonous. It's simply a psychoactive wonder of nature, and has no long-term ill effects.

++ Marijuana kills braincells. Marijuana impairs driving and makes you hit old men like that one retarded commercial.
-- FALSE. You must have little braincells to believe that.
FALSE. Marijuana has been tested on the road, majority has actually shown BETTER driving (makes you more cautious!)

++ You can go insane on LSD!
-- FALSE. Not if you don't already have some trauma in your past. If you've already experienced some terrible psychosis in your history (whether it's still present or buried) then yes, it is POSSIBLE (not fore sure) that it can bring it back to the surface.

++ Marijuana is addictive
-- FALSE. No! Not physically(like heroin,alcohol..). Mentally it's possible; and so is shopping, eating, myspace comments, and ebay.

Things you probably didn't know:
** LSD and Magic Mushrooms are being used to medically treat Cluster Headaches.
** LSD is used in therapy, and has proven beneficial.
** Marijuana is being used as an alleviant for cancer patients undergoing chemo.
** Marijuana is used to alleviate those who suffer from AIDS.
** Alcohol, Tobacco, and even Caffiene kill more people each year than any illegal drug.
** Most marijuana confiscated by the DEA that you hear about in those HUUUUGE fields is 90% WILD HEMP leftover from WW1 when farmers were told by the government to grow hemp. "HEMP FOR VICTORY!" was their slogan because hemp(1% THC, non-smokeable) is a MAJORLY efficient crop that could SAVE THIS FUCKING PLANET.
** Our tax dollars are spent putting potheads in jail, way overcrowding the prison systems... while rapists, molesters, and murderers aren't getting NEARLY as much jailtime!
** Countries with loose or no incriminating drug policies (such as Amsterdam) have a VERY LOW to NOTHING crime rate
** The "War On Drugs" is failing and always has been. D.A.R.E failed miserably as well, and actually did the opposite of its intention!
** Remember alcohol prohibition? It was meant to lessen crime. Instead crime skyrocketed and bootleggers and murderers were abundant, more so than ever before! It was an ALL TIME HIGH! and that's what's happening NOW.

Still think it's "evil"? You have some research to do, kid.

                   *HIGH THERE DEVIANT*
Welcome to Baked Furs. Consider joining if you:
1. Draw drug related art / trippy shit
2. Draw anthros using drugs
3. Draw colorful trippy anthros
4. Have a clear mind and open heart

+ Watch the club.
+ Send a note to :iconbakedfursclub: with the title "I want to join" and one of the All Stars will add you to the list and reply to your message with some info you'll need.
**Feel free to pm the club with any questions you may have, and we will try to get to them asap.
+Add club's icon to your journal/page

            ~~~HOW TO SUBMIT ART~~~
+If you've joined you will have access to the club and can submit your art.
BUT if you'd just like to suggest a deviation and you are NOT a member feel free to leave a link in a comment or PM the club =)

`+RULES OF THE CLUB (info;read!!):…
`+"THE ALLEYWAY" (info; read!!):…
`+"THE ALLEYWAY":: Player ranks & Nugs…
`+Random Extras Page! (Members feel free to add ANYTHING to it):…

WOOOW. I'm sorry guys, I totally forgot about this place.. Up until that recent deviation rofl. SORRY! I'll be adding all the new members shortly (holy shit there's a LOT OF NOTES!)


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